Artist profile

janineMy name is Janine van Herwaarden, I was born in the Netherlands, and have been drawing and creating since as long as I can remember.

Creating new things, dreaming and thinking about creating has been my first love.
Ever since I was a child I’ve loved handicrafts. Working with my hands is something I cannot live without. I have learnt to appreciate the randomness and imperfection of handmade items. They show us the beauty of imperfection. I think it’s part of nature and makes art works truly come to live.

I love colors and my favorite materials are things that have their own story, like secondhand tent-material, textiles, used/found cardboard and paper.
My paintings I combine with collaged pieces of these materials and like to stitch them together and use stamps and yarn in my work.

I love travelling and Asia has always had a special place in my heart. My experience of living in Sri Lanka, Singapore and the last few years in Shanghai has definitely deepened my love for Asia and Asian culture. The intense impressions have helped me to develop myself as an artist. During my time abroad I’ve been deeply inspired by the colors and the people. Living in a different place has made me even more curious about people’s lives behind everything I see.

My challenge is to master different techniques and use them together with care. I like to create pieces of work that tell their own story. One of my key themes is the hidden intensity and beauty of every day life moments and experiences. I like to use different layers which represent hidden secrets and stories. I’m always experimenting to find new techniques that will broaden my palette to express myself. And at the end, when the work is completed, i hope to find new surprises in my work, just like in my childhood.

I hope everyone can discover his or her own story in my paintings and dream away in the sea of colors and materials. It’s a wonderful experience when I can make people happy with my art.

If you’d like to see my work please visit my studio!

De Stadhouder
Stadhouderslaan 9
Den Haag
06 1550 1079

As a designer, I know how useful drawings can be in a professional environment. I help professionals to use visual notes in their everyday work. On this website you can find information about individual trainings and team workshops.


1987 – 1993 Industrial Design, Delft Univerity of Technology

2002 – 2004 Courses and workshops, Art Academy The Hague

2006 – 2008 Art programm, Zonneboom art and culture, Leiden

2008 – 2012 & 2014/2015 Art Academy Leiden/Haarlem