Open ateliers Duinoord 13 & 14 juni

Van 1 t/m 14 juni is in het kader van de Open Ateliers Duinoord een overzichtstentoonstelling te zien bij:
Makelaardij & Art Gallery Koenders
2e Schuytstraat 164, hoek Reinkenstraat
Den Haag

Weekend van 13 & 14 juni open atelier! (12:00-17:00)

Stadhouderslaan 9, Den Haagopenateliers2



Expositie Kunstacademie Haarlem

EINDEXAMEN EXPO van 4 t/m 7 juni 2015.
De expositie is 4 dagen gratis te zien van 11.00-17.00 uur in het gebouw van de Kunstacademie aan de Kleine Houtweg 47 in Haarlem.
Inmiddels heb ik besloten om iedere dag aanwezig te zijn. Superleuk als je komt! Mijn werk heeft nog nooit zo’n mooie plek gehad 🙂


feat image
World of Abstract_Clipping-TimeOut  中文版
world of abstract

Shanghai loves exhibition ‘The world of Abstract’

While moving back to Holland, during the summer, my works were showcased at Noeli Gallery in a trio exhibition ‘The world of abstract’. The exhibition just finished and was selected as the best exhibition of the month by the art editor from Time Out ( Chinese version) magazine!…


5x[CHINA] – Unique show by 5 women artists

Just before the summer and just before I moved back to The Netherlands we organised the group exhibition [5xCHINA]. On the picture is my sold work! The series of smaller ones is presented in a way I didn’t think of myself. I liked it…


Spring time for Springbird

Time flies! Spring has arrived, beautiful blossoms are blooming all over, and the air feels soft and warm. From November till December I had a wonderful exhibition with a super busy opening cocktail at Noeli gallery…

tea house1
tea house2
tea house3

Tea house in Chengdu

Love this tea house! Sitting there, watching the people, pouring water on your (beautiful flower) tea from the enormous thermos flask filled with warm water, while watching somebody having her (or his) ears cleaned…

beautiful lanterns

Chinese New Year 2013

Yesterday I saw the last remainings of the Chinese New Year decorations being taken away.

Never tought that I would start appreciating the overwhelming and over the top decorations that were everywhere during Chinese New Year..
After seeing so many of the red-colored (and sometimes very cheap-looking) lanterns, papercuts and … 

Dong tai lu-bird cages-1
Dong tai lu-bird cages-2

Welcome to

Welcome to my new blog, and website
I’m so happy that since I moved to Shanghai, I collected my art works and made a selection to present it on my website.
This blog I will use mainly to show things or situations in everyday life that inspire me.
Since everything is so different from life in Holland, there’s a lot to show and tell.
During the last few months I have built up a collection of quite some awkward, funny and beautiful Chinese objects and people.

I thought it would be nice to start my blog with some birds!
These picture were made…