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Welcome to

Welcome to my new blog, and website
I’m so happy that since I moved to Shanghai, I collected my art works and made a selection to present it on my website.
This blog I will use mainly to show things or situations in everyday life that inspire me.
Since everything is so different from life in Holland, there’s a lot to show and tell.
During the last few months I have built up a collection of quite some awkward, funny and beautiful Chinese objects and people.

I thought it would be nice to start my blog with some birds!
These picture were made… at Dong Tai Lu Antique shopping. This tiny street is home to a large number of sellers of antique and (mostly) non-antique curiosa, like Mao-statues, watches, affiches, jewellery boxes, coins… too much to handle.

It’s fun strolling around and a feast for the eyes.
Some of the owners bring their birds with them. Like taking your dog out with you when you go for work or shopping. These birds are not for sale though!
Not only the birds, but also the cages are just beautiful (watch the pretty loop to hang the cage), and the tiny porcelain feeding dishes…

Retired people usually buy birds to take care of, and they take them outside every day to sing with each other. They show off and compete with neighbors to see whose bird sings the best.
If you wish to buy birds, then one of Shanghai’s Flower and Bird markets is the place to go (this will certainly be the subject of one of my coming posts!)


  1. Martin Hartwigsen

    Great Janine and lots of succes with the website!
    I will follow you on your blog.
    Greetings from Holland!

    • spring_adm

      Hi Martin,
      Dank je wel!
      Groetjes Janine

  2. Sanne te Loo

    Ha Janine,

    Je website is mooi geworden! En wat zijn die Chinese vogelkooitjes toch leuk. Ik zal je blog zeker volgen!

    • spring_adm

      Ha dank je Sanne! Ik vind ze ook geweldig. Had het al vaak op foto’s gezien en over gelezen, en nu dan ook in het echt. Jij kende ze natuurlijk al.
      Liefs, Janine

  3. Sander

    Hi J9,
    Looks very nice, I’m going to take a better look later, but allready enjoying it!
    Take care, Sander

  4. Frederieke Hulshof

    Hai Janine, Mooi om wat van je te horen vanaf de andre kant. Leuk ook om je werk te zien voor zover ik een goed beeld krijg vanaf het scherm, tenminste lijk je ‘er oog voor te hebben’. Inspirerend!

  5. Hetty

    Hai Janine,

    Toevallig of zo toevallig zal het niet zijn, zat ik laatst aan jullie te denken. Geweldig je website en je leven in Shanghai. Blijf zo doorgaan ik zal je op afstand blijven volgen.

    veel liefs Hetty

  6. wilma voortman

    Hoi Janine, gave website heb je!
    Fijn om de herkenbare werken weer eens te zien!
    Ik blijf je volgen en wens je succes, groetjes Wilma

  7. Interessant en krachtig werk. Toevallig ook in plaatsen in China geweest. Groet van Henk